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Bevelled Edge Sleepers

Bevelled Edge/Chamfered Sleepers are a fantastic way of adding a little bit of style and elegance to your wall and garden. They can be used as the whalers for your wall and/or they're a great way to put a seat on top of a wall.
All the hard work is done for you!
It is important to remember to use posts and whaler that are strong enough to withstand the loads placed on your wall for the next 20 plus years... not just the next three.  This is an all too common mistake!

Please check with your local council as to whether your wall needs to be engineered.

If you are unsure or require some more advice do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Below is a few of the most common products to use as posts with bevelled sleepers.  More products can be found on the Sleepers page.

Bevelled Edge Sleeper 200x50mm x 2.4m H4 Treated Pine

$13.23 ($14.55 inc tax)

Bevelled Edge Sleeper 200x50mm x 3.0m H4 Treated Pine

$18.00 ($19.80 inc tax)