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Wire Fasteners

Heavy duty permanent wire strainers makes tightening your rural fencing a breeze. These galvanised steel ribbed framed strainers have a smooth rachet action for tightening. They are simply tightened with a spanner or the strainer handle. The tapered spool makes starting and aligning the wire easy meaning the strainers stays on the fence line.

The strainers holds up to 4mm wire and can be used with plain galvanised wire or nylon/PVC horse sighter wire.

Insulated porcelain and plastic strainers also available on order. Please contact us to order.

1000 Jambro High Tensile Ring Fasteners

$14.86 ($16.35 inc tax)

500 Netting Clips 16x2mm

$5.00 ($5.50 inc tax)

500pk Netting Clips 19x2.24mm

$5.00 ($5.50 inc tax)

Fence Post Clips (with tool) - Box of 250 - Whites Wires

$20.65 ($22.72 inc tax)

Jambro Ring Fastener Gun

$77.10 ($84.81 inc tax)

Netting Pliers

$9.00 ($9.90 inc tax)

Netting Pliers

$9.00 ($9.90 inc tax)

Permanent Wire Strainers

$3.75 ($4.13 inc tax)

Staples Galvanised 25x3.15mm 3kg pk (approx. 795 pcs)

$27.00 ($29.70 inc tax)

Staples Galvanised 30x4.00mm 3kg pk Barbed (approx. 390 pcs)

$27.00 ($29.70 inc tax)

Staples Galvanised 40x4.00mm 3kg pk Barbed (approx. 315 pcs)

$27.00 ($29.70 inc tax)

Staples Galvanised 40x4mm 500g pk (approx. 50 pcs)

$5.45 ($6.00 inc tax)