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Slabs (H4)

Treated Pine Timber Slabs are a profiled log and create fantastic timber walls, retaining walls, garden beds, vegetable gardens, driveway and garden edging. They are also great for creating a featured look within a retaining wall.

Our premium Treated Pine Slabs are H4 treated pine for above and in-ground use. Slabs also provide an ideal structural component for small and large scale landscaping and retaining will applications. Premium Slabs have the natural log strength with the added protection against fungal rot and termite infestation, slabs have that long term performance and are ideally suited in retaining walls and garden structures.

100 (125)mm x 1.8m Slab

$12.20 ($13.42 inc tax)

100 (125)mm x 2.4m Slab

$16.50 ($18.15 inc tax)

100 (125)mm x 3.0m Slab

$20.65 ($22.72 inc tax)

125 (150)mm x 1.8m Slab

$17.85 ($19.64 inc tax)

125 (150)mm x 2.4m Slab

$23.40 ($25.74 inc tax)

125 (150)mm x 3.0m Slab

$29.85 ($32.84 inc tax)