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Coach Screws

Coach screws are heavy duty screws designed for metal to timber connections, or to join heavy timbers. Coach screws have a square or hexagonal head engineered to be used with a socket, spanner, or pliers. We most commonly supply coach screws for rural fencing rails, metal post supports, gate hinges and similar projects.

Coach screws consist of an externally threaded cylindrical shaft that tapers to a point, with a head at the other end. When coach screws are driven into timber, the threads bite into the wood, while the head stops the screw from going all the way through as it provides compression.

Coach screws are often used at critical joins in construction because of their sturdy manufacture. Screws are often superior to nails for construction projects in general, because they can be easily removed and reused. Coach screws are preferred for joints that see heavy use and other areas in which additional support through the use of metal flanges is needed.

When using coach screws on wood to wood connections, or in other applications where the screw will pass through wood first, it is advisable to use a washer with the screw so that the head won't be sucked into the wood.

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Coach Screw M10 100mm x 10mm Galvanised - Individual

$0.90 ($0.99 inc tax)

Coach Screw M10 150mm x 10mm Galvanised - Individual

$1.30 ($1.43 inc tax)

Coach Screw M10 40mm x 10mm Galvanised - Individual

[Contact us for a price]

Coach Screw M10 50mm x 10mm Galvanised - Individual

$0.65 ($0.72 inc tax)