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Pacific Jarrah

Pacific Jarrah hardwood decking is a very durable decking board and is very similar to Australian Ironabrk. The colours can range from reds to browns within the species. This board is lovely and dense and does not bleed its natural tallons.

Pacific Jarrah looks great in both screening and decking currently stocks 90x19 and 140x19 decking boards in a Dressed All Round (DAR) finish.  

For screening purposes only we stock 70x14mm and 90x14mm. 90 and 140 x 19 also look great in a screen.

We are able to quote on all sizes so please contact the sales team via phone or email to get a quote.

140x19mm Pacific Jarrah Timber Mixed Lengths, per metre price

$9.20 ($10.12 inc tax)

90x19mm Pacific Jarrah Decking Timber Mixed Lengths, per metre price

$5.67 ($6.24 inc tax)