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Aluminium Pool Fencing specialise in a wide variety of high quality fencing and now stock the highest quality Aluminium Pool Fencing. Pool Fencing Panels that WON'T RUST! Our All Aluminium Pool Fencing is perfect for all situation from pools, to patios, to rural fencing! We have been creating solutions and accommodating the individual needs of our customers for over 25 years.

Aluminium Pool Fencing features clean and simple lines andi t is available in two stylish designs: flat top and loop top. It is available in two popular colours: black and Primrose. Aluminium pool fencing a fantastic way to add style and safety to your pool or garden area.

The panel dimensions are 1200mm high by 2450mm-3000mm wide. Complete your aluminium fence with a 970mm wide aluminium fence gate.

Certified to AS 11926.1-2012 latest revision we have the perfect solution for you. Our panels have a range of features that gives them a market leading design; including 6 point welds, just a 70mm gap between tubes and 2mm thick posts. We stock a range of fittings and accessories to suit.

  Product Product code Price  
1460x1200mm Double Gate Flat Top $195.20
2400x1200mm Aluminium Fence Panels Flat Top $70.00
3000x1200mm Aluminium Fence Panels Flat Top $138.00
38x25mm Brackets for Pool Fencing Panels - EACH $1.64
50x50x2.0mm Fence Post 1.3m Long (Flanged) $36.00
50x50x2.0mm Fence Post 1.5m Long (Flanged) $40.00
50x50x2.0mm Fence Post 1.8m Long $21.00
50x50x2.0mm Fence Post 2.1m Long $25.00
970x1200mm Gate Flat Top Aluminium $60.00
Coloured Metal Tek Screws 12g x 20mm Self Drilling Galvanised Screws with Hex Washer Face Head $0.16
D&D Gate Latch and Hinges - Pack $73.20
Plastic Fence Post Cap 50x50mm Flat Top - Each


Plastic Fence Post Cap 50x50mm Profile Top - Each